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Dental Veneers

Improve the overall look of your smile
dental veneers in Hobart

Dental veneers are a form of cosmetic dentistry in which a layer of tooth-coloured porcelain or composite is placed over the visible surfaces of your teeth.

We do this to correct:

  • Worn tooth enamel
  • Uneven tooth alignment
  • Abnormal spacing
  • Discolouration
  • Uneven teeth
  • Chips or cracks

Although dental veneers are considered a cosmetic procedure as they improve the overall look of your smile they also protect the surface of damaged teeth and may eliminate the need for more invasive treatments.

There are two options when it comes to creating your veneers:

Porcelain/Ceramic Veneers

Porcelain/ceramic veneers are created in one of the select dental laboratories we work with by a highly skilled dental technician. These types of veneers are recommended when the correction required is more severe or the desire is for a longer-term solution.

Composite Veneers

Your dentist creates composite veneers during your appointment at our office. These types of veneers are recommended when the correction required is less severe and a moderate-term solution is required.

If you are looking for a practice with experience, reliability, and a high standard of care in the area of dental veneers in Hobart call our scheduling manager today to request an appointment on (03) 6231 3645.

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